Why Isn’t Your Website Mobile Ready?

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5 Great Search Engine Marketing Resources

Over the last 7 years working at Glacier Digital, I’ve used a number of different forums, blogs, websites, and social media profiles to generate ideas, answer questions, and ask my own. You might be great at your job, but there’s always something else you can learn, or another way to tackle the same problem.

The following list is comprised of a few of the resources I use more often than most. They are where I go first when I’m stuck, need a more efficient way to handle something, or just feel like commenting or answering some questions myself. Continue reading “5 Great Search Engine Marketing Resources” »

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4 Simple Tips For Improving Your AdWords Campaign

Managing and improving a Google AdWords campaign involves a lot of hard work, however there are some basic steps everyone can take to give themselves more control and reduce the potential for any guesswork.

Small note: These simple tips pertain to the Google Search Network only, but some concepts could certainly be applied to the Google Display Network, Remarketing or even other services entirely, such as Bing Ads.

Collect ongoing Keyword details

Search Terms

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Once a campaign is setup and has been launched, we recommend that clients refrain from making any significant revisions for at least 30 days. This time is used to collect user data, including demographics and conversions, but more importantly, to collect the exact phrases and keywords that users searched for, which triggered an ad.

Not only are ALL search queries collected, but so is the overall performance of each keyword. This data can alert clients with terms and phrases they may not have included in their initial keyword research. Continue reading “4 Simple Tips For Improving Your AdWords Campaign” »

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Is Google going to take mobile more seriously?

Mobile Usability Issues

Over the last few days, a few colleagues of mine have received emails reporting that one or more of their websites are experiencing mobile usability issues. Specifically, receiving an email that starts just like the one to the left.

Fix mobile usability issues found on… <insert your website here>

What follows is a list of potential solutions and resources to use in order to get your NON-mobile friendly website up to snuff. My first question would be “Why isn’t your website already mobile friendly??” but we’ll let that slide for now.

Continue reading “Is Google going to take mobile more seriously?” »

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How To Optimize Your Content

Keep Calm And OptimizeSo your website has been online for a few months and you’ve had a few visitors here and there. You’ve checked your analytics and the majority of visitors are coming from referrals or direct sources, such as entering the URL directly, or from a brochure you sent to a few hundred people last week. There is a shocking lack of visitors coming from organic search, namely Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The website has plenty of great quality images, loads of pages with PDFs and a great domain name… so the fact there are so few visitors coming from search engines is confusing.

Continue reading “How To Optimize Your Content” »

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