How To Optimize Your Content

Keep Calm And OptimizeSo your website has been online for a few months and you’ve had a few visitors here and there. You’ve checked your analytics and the majority of visitors are coming from referrals or direct sources, such as entering the URL directly, or from a brochure you sent to a few hundred people last week. There is a shocking lack of visitors coming from organic search, namely Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The website has plenty of great quality images, loads of pages with PDFs and a great domain name… so the fact there are so few visitors coming from search engines is confusing.

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Social Media – Mobile vs. Desktop

While social media continues to sneak its way in our everyday lives, the way that users access it differ greatly from platform to platform. There are certain platforms that rely heavily on mobile features, such as taking pictures with your smartphone (i.e. Instagram and Pinterest) or on a great deal of manual input such as typing or more accurate revisions (i.e. Tumblr and LinkedIn). Continue reading “Social Media – Mobile vs. Desktop” »

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You Need To Update Your Website! NOW!

OLD Websites need to be updated!Ok, so maybe I’m being a little bit hostile. But seriously, I can’t take it anymore. What I’m referring to, is the number of businesses I see on a daily basis that have horrific websites and exhibit little to no interest in changing them. Some of the phrases I hear from them are shocking.

Below are some of the most common, and scariest lines I’ve heard over the last 10+ years. You have been warned!

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Top Internet Marketing Trends Of 2013

Top-Internet-Marketing-Trends-Of-20132013 was quite a busy year in the world on online marketing. There were a handful of search engine algorithm revisions, significant shifts in how users were searching and WHERE they were searching, among a number of new advertising techniques. All of which were meant to provide more relevant, targeted results for users. Well, what exactly were these trends and how have they affected the way we browse, search and use not only the web but our mobile devices day-to-day?

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Google+ Isn’t Going Anywhere.

There have been a number of online complaints about Google+ recently. Most of them stemming from the fact that the commenting system on YouTube has been basically replaced with an integrated Google+ mishmash. For a more in depth look at how actual YouTube content creators are suffering, check out this article on Daily Dot.

Besides the YouTube issue, is Google forcing people to use something they don’t want to? Well, yes and no.
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